Fast & Easy Baking Mixes

Completely unique, completely delicious, our baking mixes contain only whole-grain durum atta and rice flour, and the minimum of additives we could manage. Egg free, aluminum-free, and without the digestive issues most baked goods offer, you’ll be singing a much happier tune with AttaBoy!

All mixes are hand measured, mixed and packaged to ensure real homemade results every time.

Competitively priced, AttaBoy! Fast & Easy Complete Baking Mixes just need water to bake up fresh on demand!

Even better, you can choose how many biscuits, cookies or pancakes you want to make. No more wasted stale cookies or old cold pancakes to toss.

When you try our Fast & Easy Baking Mixes you’ll love them, then pick up a copy of Recipes Redesigned, the foundation for the baking mixes. There you will be able to replace ALL your baked goods with durum atta versions.