Fast & Easy Baking Mixes

Completely unique, completely delicious, our baking mixes contain only whole-grain durum atta and rice flour, and the minimum of additives we could manage. Egg free, aluminum-free, and without the unpleasant and uncomfortable digestive issues most baked goods offer, you’ll be singing a much happier tune with AttaBoy!

All mixes are hand measured, mixed and packaged to ensure real homemade results every time.

Competitively priced, AttaBoy! Fast & Easy Complete Baking Mixes just need a couple of ingredients to bake up fresh food on demand!

When you try our Fast & Easy Baking Mixes you’ll love them, then pick up a copy of Recipes Redesigned, the foundation for the baking mixes. There you will be able to replace ALL your baked goods with durum atta versions.