The First Cookbook of its Kind!

Recipes Redesigned is the result of extensive testing, experimenting and, finally succeeding!

The only one in the world, Recipes Redesigned is a cookbook filled with 60 easy to follow recipes that COMPLETELY ELIMINATE white flour, the source of so many people’s problems in today’s world.

Why write the book? Good question. I was sick, really really sick and no doctor was able to do anything but suggest more medications and restrict my lifestyle increasingly as the days, months, and years passed. It was out of a sense of urgency I wanted to actually SOLVE my medical issues and not continue to laminate them with layer after layer of medications, never reaching the root of the problem.

I am the most allergic person I know. I have been tested for allergies multiple times, always met with a look of disbelief by the doctors as they would tell me how allergic I was to many fruits, vegetables, meat sources, outdoor contaminants and, of course grains. It was my last test that began to intrigue me. It was new at the time, a Protein test, and required a blood sample. I had it done in Taiwan, and the results were fascinating. It illustrated a whole new way of looking at food and my environment, and also confirmed much of what I had understood about my own body’s reactionary nature.

So I started to do some homework about the PURE science behind the medicine. Come to find out rather quickly, in the scientific community, the health issues that so many other people suffer, including myself, are not a mystery at all. Since 2015, as far as I can tell, there has been quite a bit of research done into gut health and chemical triggers in food which set off negative chain reactions in the body.

It’s a huge, new field of research, and it’s quite exciting. I have links to some articles in my Research Section.

Consider this a beginner’s manual to a new world of feeling better than you have for years . The recipes cover pie crust, cookies, cakes, tortillas, pastries, gravies, breading .. basically anything that uses flour to make it or thicken it. With this starter book, you can easily replace all the wheat-based items in your diet.

If you stick to durum atta and rice flour, the stars of this cookbook, and don’t eat outside products that contain wheat for 2-3 weeks, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel!

For the cost of one bottle of antacid, you can say goodbye to the over-the-counter treatments by giving this cookbook an honest try.

I would never suggest it if I didn’t believe in it myself.

This is NOT a gluten free cookbook.